The Biggest Suckers On Bring A Trailer This Week

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Kelley Blue Book value: $4,479

The year is 2004, and you want a smooth, luxurious land yacht to spirit you away to your grandkid’s choir recital. You aren’t looking at spending S-Class money, and for some reason the Lexus GS doesn’t tickle your fancy. You could well end up with one of these: Chrysler’s early-aughts flagship sedan, the 300M.

2004 was the last year for the 300M, before it was replaced by the 300C. To say the styling has not aged well would be a kindness to the 300M’s bulbous, melty exterior, not to mention the car’s dark-gray-and-dark-fake-wood interior. Still, to someone, this front-wheel drive V6 luxury tourer was worth over seventeen thousand dollars. Maybe there’s nostalgia involved, or maybe they just really like melted bars of soap.

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